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11 Powerful Crystals For Abundance: Maximize Your Results

Crystals have been used for centuries as tools for personal transformation and to manifest abundance in all areas of life. Whether you are looking to attract financial wealth, increase your creativity, or simply enhance your positive energy – these powerful and vibrant crystals can help! We’ll walk through some of the most popular crystals associated with abundance, how they work, how to use them effectively, and give examples that showcase just how abundant our lives can be when we embrace the power of crystal healing. 

11 Best Crystals For Abundance


a pile of pyrite (fool's gold)

I totally remember getting fool’s gold when I was a little kid; I thought it was so cool like I had real gold.  It’s technically pyrite but that doesn’t sound as fun. Get your hands on that old-school fool’s gold asap because it’s known to offer abundance, prosperity, and luck.  It radiates abundance and positive energy.  If you wear pyrite jewelry, you may notice that you suddenly have the willpower and stamina to overcome obstacles and accomplish life’s major to-dos.  Of course, that alone will most likely bring more abundance into your life! 


woman holding a citrine sphere in her hands

Citrine is a vibe and helps clear your solar plexus chakra.  A juicy sunny optimistic crystal ready to help you manifest money by finding lucrative opportunities.  That’s probably why it’s known as the “money stone”. Many use this crystal because not only does it make you happy, just like a sunny day, but it brings prosperity and abundance your way.  Even Ancient civilizations knew what was up; they would use it in their jewelry and held it in high regard because of its beauty. Make sure to recharge it in the sun every time you need a manifesting boost.    

Green Aventurine

green aventurine

Green Aventurine has been known as a good luck charm for centuries, supposedly bringing abundance and prosperity to those who hold it with them. People call this the “stone of opportunity”. Gamblers love it! Take a piece of it to the roulette table (my fave!) and place your chips on the green double-zero spot!  Among crystal experts, it’s also known to invigorate and give you enough confidence to get you out of your comfort zone.  And, when you are confident and pushing yourself, you’re able to create your own luck.  Amirite?!   

Green Jade

jade roller

When Heather Askinosie, a leading crystal expert in this industry, was looking to create the most powerful formula to create prosperity and abundance, she turned to Jade.  She started her business, Energy Muse, with a single necklace made mainly of Jade beads and passed it out to 10 of her friends to wear and try. They had such great success with it, that she knew she was on to something!  It helped her launch the business she has today and now she gets to share her extensive knowledge of crystals and healing worldwide!   Jade is known as a green stone but it can vary in color.  That is because it is actually made of two different types of minerals: jadeite (the one that makes it green and is way rarer) and nephrite.  Most of the tumbled jade stones you find in stores aren’t actual jade but can still offer positive energy with the right intentions behind it!  

Clear Quartz

clear quartz tower

Clear quartz is known to be a powerful crystal for attracting abundance and prosperity. It is said to be the “master healer” and amplifies the energy that you put into it or surround it with. This means that if you use the crystal when setting your financial intentions, it will help to amplify those intentions and draw in more abundance.

It also helps to open up pathways between yourself and the universe, allowing for more direct communication with higher powers. This can help to bring in more wisdom and attract more of what you want. Additionally, quartz crystal can help to clear away any negative energy or blockages that may be preventing you from manifesting.


tumbled malachites

Malachite has the power to open up the heart chakra, allowing you to connect with your higher self and receive guidance from the universe. By connecting with this higher self, you can gain clarity on what steps need to be taken for you to manifest abundance in your life. It also helps to increase motivation and focus so that you can take action toward achieving your goals.

In addition, malachite is known for its ability to attract wealth, luck, and prosperity. It helps clear away any blocks or obstacles that may prevent you from achieving success and encourages you to stay focused on your goals. By using this crystal regularly, you can create an energetic vibration that will attract abundance into your life.


peridot gold ring

Peridot is a beautiful gemstone associated with happiness, abundance, and light. It is believed to help attract abundance and wealth due to its strong connection with the sun. Peridot is known to be a powerful stone that helps bring positive energy into your life, which can lead to increased luck and prosperity. Additionally, it helps promote clarity of thought and focus, which can help you make better decisions that will lead to greater success in all areas of life.

Tiger’s Eye

bowl of tiger's eyes

Tiger’s eye is a powerful stone that has been used for centuries to attract abundance. It is believed to be a stone of good luck, and it can help to manifest wealth and prosperity in one’s life. When it comes to attracting abundance, the tiger’s eye is said to help open up the flow of energy in one’s life. This allows for more positive energy to come in, which can lead to greater opportunities for success and abundance. The stone is also thought to stimulate creativity, helping you find new ways of making money or achieving your goals.


close up shot of raw ruby, crystals for abundance

Ruby is a beautiful gemstone that is believed to help attract abundance and prosperity into your life. The vibrant red hues of the ruby are associated with vitality, passion, and power, making it an ideal stone for manifesting wealth and success. 


a piece of square cut emerald loose on jeweler's table

Emerald is a powerful stone for manifesting abundance and success in financial pursuits. It is believed to increase the level of wealth, prosperity, and growth in your life. It resonates powerfully with the Heart Chakra, which helps open and activate it. Emerald is a symbol of wealth and financial prosperity that can help you reach the peak of success. Additionally, its potent energy can help remove thoughts and feelings of unworthiness so you can manifest with ease. 

Rose Quartz

photo of rose quartz

Rose Quartz is a gemstone of great power, said to bring abundance and wealth into your life. Its loving energy helps you receive an abundance of love and prosperity from the vast universe around us. Moreover, its calming vibes reduce anxiety so manifesting dreams becomes easier than ever before – not only this but it increases self-love too; with such an important factor aiding success in any area of living!

Tips On How To Use Abundance Crystals

  1. Choose the right crystal – Different crystals have different properties and energies, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. Some of the best crystals for abundance include pyrite, citrine, green jade, clear quartz, malachite, and tiger’s eye.
  2. Create a crystal grid – Grids are an arrangement of crystals in a geometric pattern, often based on sacred geometry, that helps to focus and direct energy towards a particular goal. 
  3. Cleanse and charge your crystal – Before you use your crystal, it’s important to cleanse and charge it with positive energy. You can do this by smudging it with sage or palo santo smoke or by placing it in a bowl of sea salt overnight.
  4. Set an intention – When using a crystal for abundance, it’s important to set an intention first. This will help you focus on what you want to manifest in your life and give the crystal its purpose.
  5. Visualize – Visualization is a powerful tool when working with crystals for abundance. Take some time to visualize yourself achieving your goals and having all that you desire in life while holding the crystal in your hand or placing it near you as you meditate.
  6. Carry the crystal with you – To keep the energy of abundance flowing throughout your day, carry the crystal in your pocket or place it somewhere where you can see it often (like on your desk). Put it in your purse or wallet.  Wear it in jewelry. Take it with you everywhere you go!
  7. Give thanks – Finally, don’t forget to give thanks! Acknowledge all that has been given to you and express gratitude for all that is yet to come into your life.

How To Program Money Crystals

Programming crystals for money is a great way to manifest your financial goals easier and faster. It involves using affirmations, meditations, and visualizations to focus on the energy of money and abundance. You can also use specific crystals to help amplify your intentions.

To program a crystal, start by holding it in your hands while focusing on your intention. Visualize yourself surrounded by abundant energy that will bring you more wealth and prosperity. Repeat affirmations such as “I am rich” or “Money flows easily into my life”. Spend some time meditating with the crystal before placing it somewhere special where you will see it often as a reminder of your intention. You can create an energetic shift that will help manifest your financial goals!

a woman holding hundred dollar bills

After this article, we want you to be inspired by everything your crystals can do – beyond any wealth intentions that you may have. Pour some of your creativity and love into each crystal, as well as use their powerful energies to help manifest the change that you want to see in your life. In addition, always remember to cleanse and charge your crystals regularly and when necessary. Get ready to take an abundant journey with the help of crystals!

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