Hey there! I’m Elle. I’m someone who’s always at one extreme or the other. I’m all about exploring the spiritual side of life. I’m obsessed with discussing all things related to spirituality, mediums, aliens, life after death, manifesting, spirit guides, and the universe.

These topics fuel my curiosity and make me feel connected to something bigger. Also, I’m an introverted hermit. I barely leave my house — hence the name of this site!

But, I’m also just a regular suburban mom with a regular job who is basic as hell. I do regular things like a lot of other people. It’s this balance of the mystical and the mundane that makes me who I am I guess.

The Hermit and The Page is all about diving deep into the realms where science and spirit meet.

Whether you’re new to these topics or a fellow metaphysical explorer, I hope you’ll find something of interest here. So, let’s embark on this journey together, discussing cool stuff and answering very random questions along the way!

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