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Private and Romantic Beach Resort? This Sexy St. Lucia Spot is The One

Are you looking for private and romantic beach resort vacation ideas? Want it to be all-inclusive too? Then, hopefully my hours of research and legwork can help save you a lot of time and effort. For starters, let me give you an idea of my husband and I’s typical vacationing style.  First, we don’t really plan ahead of time.  Oh, you plan your Disney trip for two years?  Not us.  “Hey babe, let’s go to Disney!”  “Ok cool!” We then proceed to take our kids to Disney during the holiday season without either of us ever going there before (other than as 4 year-olds) and planned it in less than a month.  Yes, we are those crazy people! 

Looking for a private and romantic beach resort…close by

But, for our most recent vacation, we didn’t want to be so spontaneous.  My husband was celebrating his 40th birthday and that also just happens to fall days before our 15th wedding anniversary.  We figured we should at least discuss it over dinner or maybe sleep on it this time. Ha! However, I now see why we don’t like to plan ahead of time.  It was agonizing trying to narrow down where to go.  We knew we wanted a private and romantic beach resort and somewhere we hadn’t been before.  We looked at every Maldives, Fiji, and Bora Bora resort but decided against flying that far and spending that much for this particular trip (because if we fly a gazillion hours, I need to be able to fly first class, sleep in a bed, or have enough alcohol to make sure I am passed out the whole time).  

What’s most important to you on vacation?

We literally had so many places written out on a giant whiteboard with pros and cons of each resort, beach and room.  Privacy is always at the TOP of my list along with access to good food and a lot of alcohol.  There are two types of travelers. Those that are super social, don’t use their room, love going on excursions and are active. Then, there is the type like my husband and I (which is the best type btw). Those that are lazy, love a boujee room because they order a lot of room service and hang out by themselves, likes to take naps on the beach, does not participate in excursions and just chills all day and night!  Yes, sirrrr! Well, once we decided on St. Lucia as our destination, we then found a resort with a room category that met our criteria.

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Where is St. Lucia and what about COVID-19?

We stayed at the all-inclusive Calabash Cove Resort & Spa in St. Lucia in the West Indies.  St. Lucia is a very tiny island in the Caribbean Sea. It is close to Barbados, French Island of Martinique and St. Vincent & the Grenadines.  We went at the end of April 2022 and flew into their small airport, Hewanorra International Airport.  At that time, masks were not required on the plane. COVID-19 vaccinations were required unless you could bring proof of a recent negative COVID test.  We also had to take and pass a COVID test the day before we flew out of St. Lucia, even though we were vaccinated. You will want to look up the latest COVID protocols before you go, as they are always changing.

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The island is beautiful

From the airport, we had private transportation and it took us about an hour and a half to get to Calabash Cove.  It is a beautiful country and obviously very hot.  It was fascinating to drive through the rainforest because it literally dropped many degrees cooler instantly and the air was so fresh.  You definitely could tell an immediate difference.  If you get motion sickness though, I recommend bringing a snack or something.  I’m just keeping it real.  I got so nauseous because I am prone to motion sickness, had not eaten the entire day, but mostly because there are tons of tight hairpin turns at not-so-slow speeds (and possibly because I drank during the flight there. Eek!).    


“It was fascinating to drive through the rainforest because it literally dropped many degrees cooler instantly and the air was so fresh.”

What Calabash Cove has to offer

Once you arrive though, it is all worth it because the views as soon as you step out are absolutely stunning.  Calabash Cove’s lobby is open-air and provides an expansive view of the Caribbean Sea and is connected to their restaurant, named Windsong. The restaurant was great, offering live entertainment at night while we ate and drank. There is also a swim-up pool bar that offers lunch during the day if you didn’t want to bother getting dressed! The property also has a spa, called Ti Spa, and workout facility. The whole property definitely gives you a boutique intimate vibe, which is exactly what I was after.

st. lucia romantic getaway

That boujee room category

We stayed in one of their nine Water’s Edge Cottages, which are 1,100 square feet. The bedroom has a king size bed that is air-conditioned and includes a jacuzzi tub.  Out one set of doors, you’ll walk into a living room area with a fully stocked bar, tv, and stocked bookcase.  Out another set of doors, you have a bathroom which leads to your outdoor shower.  That was convenient with how much we swim, and it felt great to shower with the breeze!  The best part of the cottage, where we spent the most time, is the porch.  There is an outdoor patio bed perfect for naps, a dining table where we would eat, a bigger than expected plunge pool, and hammock to lounge in.  We had the perfect location too. It was directly behind the beach. We only had to walk a few steps to get in the ocean. 

private beach

A private paradise for two

The food, service, and spa were spectacular.  We couldn’t have asked for a more private and romantic beach resort vacation.  You literally feel like you get the entire place virtually all to yourself.  If you need ideas for something close to the states, I recommend Calabash Cove in St. Lucia!  

Have you found any other hidden gems that are super private and romantic?

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